Anna Kemper

I love this sweet girl! I’ve known her since she was about 2 years old and have had the privilege of being a part of her life. I can’t believe she’s a senior! So beautiful, smart and talented. And, I’m beyond excited for her! She recently signed to dive for the USAFA and received her appointment to attend next year! So proud of you, Anna! I know God has great plans for your ... Read the Post

The Smalley Family

Sweet friends and an amazing family! Love you all so much and LOVED capturing your beautiful family. It’s a gift to walk life with you. It’s always fun when I have the opportunity to work with friends. Greg and Erin give so much in helping marriages grow through speaking and writing books; they pour into others all year long. We have the gift of calling them friends! ... Read the Post

The Sparks Family

Watching a family grow and having the chance to be a part of their lives is one of my favorites!! Not only is this sweet family dear friends of mine, but I’ve had the gift of watching Jace grow... holding him for hours when he was an infant in a coffee shop while his mom and I talked is one of my favorite times with this precious little boy. Such sweet memories. Jace was such a happy boy the ... Read the Post